About me


Date of birth:1994.05.06

I am currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). I am co-supervised by Prof. Huamin Qu (HKUST) and Prof. Shuang-hua Yang (SUSTech). My research is focus on streaming data analysis. I obtained B.Eng. degree at Northeastern University (China) and MSc. degree at Loughborough University (UK), supervised by Dr. Baihua Li.

Work experience

Rresearch Assistant, Southern University of Science and Technology, China Oct. 2018-Jan. 2019

Research/project experience

Energy Consumption Evaluation Approach for oriented code (2014.4-2015.7)

Under the guidance of Associate Professor Jie Song in Northeastern University Cloud Computing Research Institute for the research of the energy consumption of large-scale distributed code, mainly for object-oriented programming of energy consumption, the main content involves the following aspects:

Tree-structured object-oriented code.

Research on energy consumption matrix of virtual codes.

The energy consumption evaluation of structured code.

Optimization of object-oriented structured code.

Design and implementation of water-leak detecting algorithm (2016.12-2017.6)

Under the guidance of Dr. Baihua Li in Loughborough University design and implement a water-leak detecting algorithm for a UK company (Quensus Ltd). The algorithm is mainly focus on finding a new strategy to help water companies detect the leakage of their users by using machine learning method, the main content involves the following aspects:

Analyze and filter the raw data using water.

Investigate the patterns of users.

Build a mathematic model by using Matlab.

Using the machine learning method to train the data.

Vehicle number plate recognition System (Neusoft Group Co., Ltd) (2016.6-2016.8)

Under the guidance of Lecturer Dandan Guo completed with four teammates. The aim is to design and implement a vehicle number plate recognition system by using traditional computer vision method. The system contains a client end which is responsible for gathering the photo and a sever end which is responsible for processing the data and storing the data into the database. I am responsible for design the algorithm of vehicle number plate detecting, the main content involves the following aspects:

Locate the number plate into a proper level.

Find the region of interest.

Pre-process the picture.

Detect the features and make a matching.



CET6 524, IELTS 6.5



Honors and Awards


Northeastern University Academic Excellence Outstanding Individual Award (2015)

Northeastern University outstanding student cadres (2014, 2015)

Northeastern University second-class scholarship (2014)

Northeastern University third-class scholarship (2015)


The second prize of 2015 Mathematical Contest In Modelling (MCM)

The second prize of 2015 National English Competition for College Students (NECCS)

Northeastern University Software Collage Technology Competition Award (2016)


Monitor of class (2013.9-2014.9)

Student Council President of 2013 Graduates in Software Collage (2014.10-2015.7, 2015.10-2016.7)

Programme Rep of Loughborough University Student Union (2016.11-2017.7)

Minister of activity of Loughborough University CSSA (2017.10-present)


Basketball, Swimming, Reading